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Research confirms that a shift is taking place in the development of commercial investment property. The shift is increasingly away from developing new commercial properties in evermore saturated markets towards reinvigorating existing, place-bound commercial properties. Our current environment is one of expensive land values, buildings costs outstripping inflation, with demographics and income groups shifting quickly and dramatically.
The global liquidity crisis has pressurised economies and distressed existing commercial property rentals as well as hindered the ability to finance new building projects. These factors all render the probabilities of successfully developing new commercial properties increasingly less feasible and profitable.
At 1EIGHTY we see this environment as our investment opportunity.


Our market demands, and has the right to expect, ever improving levels of convenience, comfort, appropriateness, value, safety and style. There is an opportunity to significantly enhance existing commercial properties in established areas.
We delve into existing premises, in existing markets and established communities, with a view to best realising the intrinsic, dormant values within.


1EIGHTY is a hand-picked collaboration of individuals and related companies representing the foremost intellectual capital in the field of commercial property enhancement. A combination of experience, proven gut-feel and deal-making capability of the 1EIGHTY team goes into shaping our vision. However, visions are simply illusions unless properly enacted.
Therefore 1EIGHTY is unashamedly technically top-heavy. Architects, project managers, quantity surveyors, asset managers and property managers of particular experience in commercial property enhancement are a significant part of the 1EIGHTY intellectual capital.


A balance of creativity and hard work goes into building and executing each 1EIGHTY deal. Our success is based on understanding:
The property – income and expenditure, legal and physical due diligence, structures, flows, relevance, tenant mix, etc.
The businesses that operate from the property – turnovers, expenditures, stock levels, management experience and entrepreneurship, growth potential, threats, opportunities, etc.
The environment – the community that uses the property, the demographics, the spending power, the threats, the aspirations, the expectations, etc.
1EIGHTY sees the communities that operate from and frequent these properties as genuine stake-holders, key to the success of the vision.


As a collaboration of experience the 1EIGHTY team in its individual parts, and via association, has been involved in a myriad of prominent projects, adding value and creating wealth. Attached hereto is a non-comprehensive list of projects that the members and associates of 1EIGHTY, forming its intellectual capital base, have been involved with in various capacities.
These capacities range from development to re-development, refurbishment, deal-making, consultancy, due diligence, leasing, building audit, architecture, quantity surveying, project management, property management, asset management, facilities management, etc.

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